Come and treat yo'self to one of our many delicious cookies or other baked goods. 

Cookie Boxes Full Res-26.jpg

sugar cookie

Social Media Oatmeal Raisin and more-21.jpg

oatmeal raisin

big fat crispie.jpg

big fat crispie

Social Media Oatmeal Raisin and more-25.jpg

cream cheese frosting

Soda October-7.jpg

frozen mini cookie dough

Sugar w/ pink frosting or oatmeal chocolate chip (currently Utah only)

$12.89 (2 dozen)

Cookie Boxes Full Res-27.jpg

chocolate fudge

Cookie Boxes Full Res-20.jpg

peanut butter



Cookie Boxes Full Res-19.jpg

off the rails (nutella) frosting

Cookie Boxes Full Res-22.jpg

oatmeal chocolate chip

Cookie Boxes Full Res-24.jpg


Soda Website-20.jpg



little 'licious

kids' popcorn +12 oz. drink

Cookie Boxes Full Res-23.jpg

chocolate chip

Cookie Boxes Full Res-21.jpg

white chocolate macadamia nut

Cookie Boxes Full Res-25.jpg

coconut-lime frosting

Cookie Boxes Full Res-3.jpg

Dozen cookies

Sugar cookies come with any frosting; additional charges for frosting other types of cookies