Around here, we celebrate everything—whether it's graduation, hitting those quarterly goals, or finding your Soda Soulmate. Whatever it is, we've got you covered.


you can drink with us

With 24 sodas and 62 flavors, the possibilities are endless. Well...1,000,000,000+, anyway.


it's always 5 o'clock somewhere.

Order a Drink Run—fill out one simple form with everyone's order of choice and pick them up 20 minutes later at your preferred location. Our mixologists will load up our custom drink holders so YOU can be the hero.



Join the SodaFam! When you register, the first one's on us to hold you over while you work on earning more.


your cup runneth over

Forget the can—how does sipping from your very own refillable mug sound? Or wearing one of our custom t-shirts? How about walking around in the comfiest socks known to man?

drop by drop

Soda does good: raising money for a good cause? Host a fundraising night at Sodalicious! For one evening, we'll donate 15% of sales, and we'll even help you advertise!


add a little 'licious to your life

We love all those hard-working, fun, and a little bit sassy who know that they're only here because their mom likes it Extra Dirty too. 


where every hour is happy hour

We want to make sure that the soda fam knows we love them as much as we love caffeine. That's why we randomly reward our biggest fans with discounts, samples, free drinks, and merch. Who knows? Maybe the next time you're here you'll get Lucky.