loyalty FAQ

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How do I get a loyalty card?
Go into your local Sodalicious and ask for a loyalty card. Then, visit https://synergyloyalty.net/sodalicious and click “Register Now”. Enter the required information and you’re good to go!

How do I activate it?
Once you’ve registered on the Synergy site your loyalty card is ready to use! Just hand it over along with your payment when you visit Sodalicious.
You registered under your phone number, so you don’t need your physical card! Just tell the mixologist your phone number BEFORE you pay and the points will be added!
*make sure to always give your loyalty card/phone number before paying otherwise you can’t earn your points!

How do I earn points?
Every dollar you spend at Sodalicious earns you a point!

How do I redeem points?
It works just like a gift card! Just tell your mixologist you want to redeem your rewards balance--but make sure you do it before they swipe your loyalty card. You can’t earn points on the points you’re redeeming!

What are points worth?
One point is worth roughly $0.146. When you get 34 points you have $2.33 in rewards to spend--the price of one 32 oz drink with 2 flavor shots.

Do points ever expire?
Nope! Once you’ve got ‘em, you get to keep ‘em!

What if I forget my card?
Not to worry! Just give the mixologist your phone number. Your card has to be registered online in order to get points. Cards cannot have multiple phone numbers registered to them.

What if my card stops swiping?
If the mag strip on your card doesn’t work anymore, the mixologist can enter the card number manually or you can give them your phone number to earn points.

Can I load money on my card?
Not yet! But we’re working on it.

Is there an app? Because that would be easier.
Yeah, we know. No, there’s not--yet. Stay tuned.

How many points do I earn for a purchase?
One point for every dollar. You can earn fractions of points! So a $4.25 purchase earns you 4.25 points.

How many points do I need in order to redeem them?
Our system doesn’t register points as cash until your rewards balance exceeds $2.33. So once you’ve earned 34 points you’ll have cash to use. If you only use part of that cash you can still use the remaining portion on part of a future purchase, just like a gift card.

Besides rewards are there any perks to having a loyalty card?
Sure thing! Your loyalty card gets you a free drink on your birthday

What should I do if I have an issue with my card?
Call the number on the back of your loyalty card! Synergy customer service can take care of all your issues!

Points Earned Today: How many points you earned based on your most recent purchase
Rewards Earned Today: If you spent enough points to earn a cash reward, the total amount will show up here. (If you didn’t hit $34 or more, this will likely remain at zero
New Points Balance: Your current point balance = Most recent purchase points + already existing points
New Reward Balance: Your new reward balance = Any new rewards recently earned + existing rewards (cash) that have yet to be redeemed
Points until next $2.33 Reward: “x amount” needed to spend until you reach 34 points, which earns you $2.33 to spend in-store.

Punch cards were better!
No, they weren’t! Here’s why: with punch cards, you only get one punch per drink, and you get one punch no matter what size drink you ordered. With the point system, you get points even when you buy cookies, gift cards, and swag! And you get more points for more expensive drinks, which means more rewards for you.

Why can’t I buy swag with my points?
We are working on this as well! We hear ya soda fam!