Our story began on a movie set. Anne Auernig and Anna K Findlay were costume designers who worked long hours and needed a lift. They began making mixed soda drinks and sharing them with their coworkers. Their friends, family and coworkers loved their creations so much that Anna asked Anne if she wanted to open a shop. Anne went home to her husband, Kevin, and told him they were going to open a soda shack in Provo. Kevin’s response? “Okay, as long as it doesn’t cost a lot of money.” The Auernigs teamed up with the Findlays, and by November of 2013 the first Sodalicious was up and running in the back half of Johnny’s Barber Shop in Provo, Utah. Kevin Auernig carried the torch of getting the business up and running and building the SodaFam community. It wasn’t long before the flavored soda craze exploded and fans were begging for more Sodalicious locations. Kevin Santiago joined the company as an owner and Director of Development and Expansion. As a part owner of Cupbop, Five Star BBQ, Pyromaniacs Pizza, 180 Tacos, Black Sheep Cafe and Station 22, Santiago’s business expertise was crucial to our growth.

Four years later, Sodalicious has five owners and operates 23 locations in Utah, Idaho and Arizona. A huge part of our success is due to our amazing relationship with PepsiCo and Torani; our in-house bakery that makes thousands of cookies from scratch each week; and the mixologists in each of our stores who create the SodaFam culture that we value so much. Mostly we are grateful to you, our customers, who keep us smiling every single day. Thanks for sharing the love with us.